…Leo Strauss despre cultura liberala


…multe nu ar mai fi de adaugat. In afara, poate, de faptul ca textul a fost preluat dintr-o cuvantare tinuta in 1956. Ca precizare, pentru Strauss cultura insemna ‘nurture the nature’. Atat ‘Atena’ (filosofia) cat si ‘Ierusalimul’ (credinta) nu lasa omul „de capul lui” ci ii intorc privirea spre un orizont anume. Nu orice zboara se mananca, si nu orice etichetam drept cultura e cultura. Bun inteles, se mai poate broda pe asta, dar mai bine lasam originalul sa vorbeasca.

“Culture” is now no longer, as people say, an absolute but has become relative. It is not easy to say what culture susceptible of being used in the plural means. As a consequence of this obscurity people have suggested, explicitly or implicitly, that “culture” is any pattern of conduct common to any human group. Hence we do not hesitate to speak of the culture of suburbia or of the cultures of juvenile gangs both non-delinquent and delinquent. In other words, every human being outside of lunatic asylums is a cultured human being, for he participates in a culture. At the frontiers of research there arises the question as to whether there are not cultures also of inmates of lunatic asylums. If we contrast the present day usage of “culture” with the original meaning, it is as if someone would say that the cultivation of a garden may consist of the garden being littered with empty tin cans and whiskey bottles and used papers of various descriptions thrown around the garden at random. Having arrived at this point, we realize that we have lost our way somehow. Let us then make a fresh start by raising the question: what can liberal education mean here and now?

Da’ chiar? ce mai inseamna astazi? Probabil voi reveni cu un update. Maine, ca tot e weekend:)

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